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Auckland – SkyCity, Wētā Workshop Uncorked Room Saturday 8th October (11am, 2pm or 6pm)

Are you a US citizen living in New Zealand and behind on your US tax returns? Or maybe an “accidental American” who’s just discovered the need to file? Or even considering renouncing US citizenship? Join us for a free seminar at SkyCity Auckland on the 8th October.

After the overwhelming success of our June 2022 seminars covering tax issues for recent migrants, we have been inundated with requests to hold further sessions to discuss compliance options for those who’ve not been filing US tax returns.

We’ll be covering areas such as:

  • What are the obligations of US citizens living overseas
  • How does NZ citizenship affect this
  • What are the obligations for Green Card holders living overseas
  • Options to become tax compliant
  • Options for Accidental Americans
  • Discussion on the implications of not filing
  • FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  • Amnesty programs available – The Streamlined Filing Procedure
  • Renunciation of US Citizenship – The process and amnesty available
  • Implications of renunciation
  • Ongoing US tax compliance

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    David Tzimenakis

    Manager of Client Services

    As an IRS Enrolled Agent and Manager of Client Services at US Global Tax, David is known amongst expats for his friendly and knowledgeable assistance. David has been specialising in the US taxation industry for eight years, with extensive knowledge of US taxation and its application to US expats and people who want to conduct business with and in the USA. In addition, David is also an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, enabling US Global Tax to complete ITIN applications in house, and to verify a client’s identity for IRS purposes.

    David believes that dealing with US taxation does not have to be a stressful affair, and ensures clients have a full understanding of their rights, obligations, and tax preparation to provide a smooth and easy to handle process.