18th April Tax Deadline Approaching

by Shalen Singh
Apr 11, 2022

By Shalen Singh, Manager of Client Services of our Sydney Office.

We have been receiving a rush of calls from clients worried about the 18th of April deadline.

What is the 18th of April deadline?

The 18th of April deadline is the first individual US tax return deadline of the year.

However, an automatic extension is granted for US taxpayers that reside outside the US on the 18th of April.

Since the Australian financial year is different from the US calendar year, we may have to wait for the Australian income tax returns and financials to prepare the US tax return.

Therefore, we can help you with the extension of time to file your US tax return to avoid a late filing penalty.

Extension of time to file does not extend the date to pay any tax due. The tax due deadline is the 18th of April. Whilst most taxpayers don’t owe tax, it’s important to still file the tax returns on time.

At US Global Tax, we ensure that our clients are prepared for the tax deadline and provide estimates of tax to pay in advance. Whilst 18th April is but a few days away, it’s not too late! Contact us today for assistance with your tax return preparation, and if needed, an estimate of tax to pay by the deadline.

We are based locally, and you can visit us our Sydney offices.

For more information, please visit us today or call on +61 2 9211 7130.