COVID-19 – An Update from US Global Tax

by Lance Morris
Mar 23, 2020

An update from US Global Tax on COVID-19

As we approach quite unprecedented times with the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we would like to provide an update to our clients on our current operations. We appreciate that this is a stressful time for all, and we endeavour to provide as much certainty as possible in these uncertain times.

Our Current Operations

At the time of writing, our Australian office has moved to remote working, with our contingency plan in place. We expect our business to continue as normal in Australia for the time being, with our staff currently working from home. During this time, we ask that clients who wish to contact us, choose to email rather than telephone. Whilst we have telephone diversions in place, our ability to field calls as a team is limited.

Our New Zealand office is currently still open and running, but will move to remote working from Wednesday 25th March.

How this affects the work we are performing for you

Whilst we anticipate that our entire company can continue to function, communication lines may eventually be limited to email and secure file transfer only. At the moment, our staff and business is functioning as normal with no staff sickness, and we will continue to follow government guidelines on our operations.

The IRS has automatically extended both the tax payment due date, and tax filing deadline to 15th July. We will still be going through the process to extend the deadlines to 15th October for all clients, and also up to 15th December 2020 if necessary.

What we ask of our clients

The first thing we ask, is to keep safe and healthy. Our clients are at the heart of our business, and our concern for all affected by this takes top priority.

We also ask that our clients have patience during this time. Whilst work will continue as normal, communication may be slower, and our ability to perform certain tasks such as postage or consultations will be limited.

Thank you for your time, and we wish you all the best during this difficult time.