Filing Deadlines

by Lance Morris
Sep 3, 2018
Calculator and Accounting

As we progress through the year, most of us have already got our minds set on the end of winter, its certainly felt like a long one! But, one other important upcoming date to keep in mind is the final US tax filing deadline of the year, Monday 15th October 2018. This is the final date in which anybody subject to US tax obligations may file a tax return without being subject to late filing penalties (provided appropriate extensions have been applied for).

It is crucially important to ensure that this date is met, with punitive penalties existing for those who fail to file before the deadline.

However, there is also no need to panic! While many of us are frantically awaiting our completed NZ tax returns, in order to complete the US return, there is still another option. A lesser known extension of time to file until 15th December 2018 does exist. This is a discretionary extension, that can be applied for by an individual, or a tax preparer on behalf of their client.

At US Global Tax, we know that life can throw delays and roadblocks in our way, and ensure that our clients are aware there is further time to file. If you’ve got concerns about meeting the filing deadline, or have clients concerned about their returns, we’re at the other end of the phone to assist.