IRS to Introduce Secure Messaging System

by Lance Morris
Jul 1, 2019
Internal Revenue Service

For those of us who have been involved in communication with the IRS, a common experience is one of frustration and difficulty. Traditionally, we have been limited to fax and telephone conversations, which restrict our ability to communicate effectively when an issue arises.

This is great news for US expats, and will assist with resolving tax matters promptly:

This year the IRS will invite more than 50,000 taxpayers to participate in the Secure Messaging Taxpayer Digital Communication program, which permits taxpayers to receive messages, respond to questions and upload documents using the Secure Messaging portal. The IRS began the program focusing on Forms 1040 with Schedule A and education credits and has now expanded it to include child care credits and Schedule C issues.

The IRS welcomes tax professionals to participate. However, the program is by invitation only, and your client must receive an audit letter inviting them to participate. Also, your client needs to register for secure messaging before you do. After you register and have a valid authorization on file, you will have access to your own mailbox to communicate with the IRS.

(Source, National Association of Tax Professionals)