Looking through our website, and reading about us online, it’s a fair question to ask:


“Who are the clients of US Global Tax, do they only work with the ultra-wealthy? I’m not a big-fish, will they turn me away?”

Well, that couldn’t be further from reality, we never turn a client away. No job is too small. Our clients are usually US citizens, and from all walks of life.

Our clients are ordinary people, and from a huge range of backgrounds. It would be impossible to say a certain category of people work with us, as we do have clients from both low income, mid-range, and high income backgrounds.



As above, all of our clients are ordinary people. Many of the people who contact us every day are students, or young people who have recently entered the workforce and discovered that they need to file tax returns. Luckily, many of our clients have quite straight forward situations, and as a result we have a fee system set up to make the costs as low as possible for simple financial set ups. A large amount of our clients have annual incomes of between $30,000-50,000 NZD.

Then, we have our middle of the road clients, these might be ordinary folk, usually with an income anywhere between $50,000 to $500,000. Many of these clients will have a family trust, sometimes a business, and sometimes an investment portfolio.

It is quite common for our middle of the road clients to have investments such as rental properties, or PIE funds.

Lastly, we have our clients who may be considered High Net Worth individuals. These clients on average will have annual incomes anywhere from $500,000 to $10m. In most cases with our HNW clients, we are dealing with a complex set up, involving multiple trusts and sometimes multiple companies or investments (or all three). Our staff are able to provide expert assistance with tax minimisation strategies, tax planning, consulting, and most importantly, correct tax return preparation.

With correct use of the NZ-US Double Taxation Treaty, tax should be minimal. But, this can only occur with a strong understanding of the New Zealand tax system.

As you can see above, we deal with a wide range of clients. Whether in need of basic tax return preparation, or complex tax assistance, US Global Tax have a team of professionals able to assist.