US Tax Reclaims

by Lance Morris
Jul 17, 2018
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Do you invest directly or in an investment company that invests in the USA? Have you been taxed on your U.S. investments? If yes, meet our US Tax Consultants for claiming tax back!

Have you claimed this tax back?

Most investors in the US capital markets have their dividends and interest taxed at source, based on the maximum withholding tax rate of 30%. As New Zealand nationals (or a national of any other country that has a Double Taxation Treaty with the U.S.), you are entitled to claim back at least half of the tax withheld on your dividends and probably all of the tax on the withheld interest.

You may be owed a Tax Credit by the U.S. IRS. Claiming this back will significantly increase the return on your investment. A quick calculation can estimate the value of this potential tax credit (Multiply your net receipt by 21%).

At US Global Tax Limited we focus on assisting individuals, trusts and companies in preparing and filing their reclaims to the IRS. Our boutique international tax firm has IRS enrolled agents and US tax law practitioners that are experienced in dealing with the complexities of US Tax regulations and compliance. To find out more about your tax reclaims feel free to Contact Us.

Unlike most foreign markets, to reclaim taxes from the United States you must file a U.S. Tax Return for the calendar year that your investments were over-taxed.

In order to file a tax reclaim you will need a U.S. Tax Identification Number. If this is the first time you are reclaiming from the IRS, then the chances are that you do not have a U.S. Tax ID. Our firm can assist you with this one-time process.

You can reclaim your money back from the IRS up to 3 years in arrears. After that, it belongs to the US government. We recommend you act now and initiate the reclaim process.

Our fees for managing this process are not excessive and are tax deductible.

We make a complex process, simple for you.